Welcome to Emil Gewehr GmbH

We have been the specialist for drive technology, hose and fittings technology, and rubber and plastics technology for over 95 years now.
Our headquarters are located in the Hellerhof industrial park in south Düsseldorf.

Our core competence lies in drive and hose technology.
And primarily in the rapid delivery of standard and special toothed belts from our comprehensive warehouse and ready-to-install pre-produced hose lines for the chemicals industry and food industry.
Quality and reliability are at the forefront for us. Our programme stands for customer proximity and optimal service.

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Our product mix includes V-belts, V-belt pulleys, power belts, V-ribbed belts, toothed belts, toothed belt pulleys, clamping bushes, special toothed belts, coated toothed belts, ready-to-use hoses for chemicals and foods, seals, O-rings, and turned and milled plastic components.



Our partners are some of the most well-known manufacturers in their respective sectors. We have maintained a trustworthy partnership with many of them for decades now.
We deliver numerous products made by our partners from our own stocks.



Carbon makes the difference!
Higher power transmission, longer service life, minimum prestressing losses and still 50% less elongation compared to aramid: The CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON toothed belt has been catapulted into the world’s top group of the most powerful toothed belts, thanks to its core – the newly developed carbon tensile member.
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