Bando was founded in 1906 as the first belt manufacturer in Japan.
In 1969, Bando expanded their network to include America and Europe.
Globalisation efforts were increased in the 1980s and many sales and production sites were set up – particularly in Asia.
In the 21st century, Bando has now developed worldwide into a company with numerous sales and production sites.


Winning with drives
The Power Transmission Group is a development partner and manufacturer of drive belts, customised components right up to complete belt-drive systems. ContiTech products and systems impress the automotive industry and many other industries – through quality and innovation.


ELAFLEX is the leading international specialist for refuelling technology and secure connections for the handling of hazardous goods and sensitive media.
ELAFLEX hoses, fittings, couplings, compensators and nozzles have been raising the bar since 1923. You can find a complete technically mature, long-life and standard product range at ELAFLEX.


The Gates Corporation, headquartered in Denver (USA), is the leading manufacturer worldwide for technologically advanced drive belts and hoses for industrial, hydraulic, agricultural and automotive applications. Primary markets for Gates products include the automotive industry, agriculture, EDP companies, construction and transport industries and the mining sector.


The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for high-performance drive belts. OPTIBELT products are used everywhere where long service life and uncompromising quality is required: in mechanical engineering, the automotive sector, the agricultural technology industry and the domestic appliances industry.

Trelleborg Industrial Hose

Trelleborg develops and manufactures polymer-based hoses and corresponding couplings for the conveyance of liquids, as well as solid and gaseous products.
The Trelleborg product range offers the largest selection of industrial hoses on the market.
We can therefore offer you the right solution, including fittings, for all application areas.