Plastics technology


Plastic parts for mechanical engineering

As turned and/or milled parts according to drawings or samples.
From all currently available materials.

Plastic roller covers

Made of polyurethane in various hardness levels and designs.
Shrink-fitted PTFE also available (for e.g. the food industry)
Materials: Vulkollan®, PTFE, polyamide, etc.

Plastic semi-finished products

Semi-finished products available as round bars, hollow bars, flat bars and sheets.
Materials: PE – PA – PTFE – PVDF, etc.
For special applications with various additives.
Some available directly from stocks.

Coupling elements and rings

As replacements for all current couplings.
Made of polyurethane, Vulkollan® or rubber with and without inlays

PVC swing door panels

As replacements for strip curtains.
With rounded edges and colours on request.

Round and square cords, profiles

Made of polyurethane, TPE and cellular materials.