Our delivery portfolio

Our product palette includes technical articles for original equipment and resource requirements. We have a large stock of toothed belts and other products for drive and hose technology.

We deliver standard toothed and V-belts, standard pulleys and special pulleys based on drawings, samples or dimensional data.
We can cut toothed belts directly to width from our comprehensive winding stock.
This means we can react very flexibly and usually deliver very rapidly.
Special toothed belts in a wide variety of designs, e.g. as vacuum toothed belts, with coatings, mechanical machining and welded-on carriers, are another mainstay of our activities.

Completely ready-to-install hose lines and fitting solutions for mechanical engineering, as well as the chemical and food industries, are further products in our range, together with a full range of rubber compensators.

We deliver machined plastic components according to drawings or samples.